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February 10, 2016

Stethoscope Love – You won’t want to miss this – Free Stuff

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You already know that I am impulsive. 

It’s the 9th of February

On February 14th at 8pm CST, I am going to give away a stethoscope.  Deadline for submissions is February 14 at 0001


Show me your FREE Stethoscope

But you have to write something to get it.

500 Words or Less.

Subject line: I LOVE SMYS

Mail to: smyscontest@gmail.com

Include your Facebook username

You must be a member of the main Show Me Your Stethoscope Group on Facebook. If you are banned for any reason between now and then your prize is a goner.


You must address the following:

  • Why you love being a part of Show Me Your Stethoscope
  • Why you love being in healthcare

AND I get to use any entries I get on the blog!

I LOVE this doc.

I LOVE this doc.



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