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February 1, 2016

Sometimes, it hits you right in the feels.

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Dear ShowMeYourStethoscope:

Dr Kislu Kabir is a GP in Bangladesh.  We were lucky enough one day around Thanksgiving to see a picture by Dr Kabir posted on Show Me Your Stethoscope. It was of a mom and a child.  The child came into Dr Kabir’s clinic with status asthmaticus.


This is the picture.  Look at that beautiful boy and his lovely mom! He said that he had to give them a nebulizer because his mother would never be able to afford one.  I asked if I could replace it and send him the money.  He generously offered to buy one and donate it in my name.

You know I wasn’t going to leave it like that.  

So we had a GoFundMe fundraiser, and we bought extra nebulizers for Dr Kabir to give to children in his area who needed them.  It took me 2 months to pay him because we were just getting our legal status and bank account straightened out, but it finally happened.  And now we get to look at pictures of children in a clinic in rural Bangladesh who will be healthier because of your generosity.

You did this.

Dr Kabir is a lovely man whose family has six clinics in rural Bangladesh, where they take care of a poor and underserved population.  His parents and children are also Physicians.

Maybe you can ask Dr Kabir what other needs he has and we can do it again? Because I have to tell you….February is the worst month of the year for me.  My son was killed in February.  I hate February.

I love today.

I love that Dr Kabir helped us to do this.

and I love all of you, who made it possible.




PS: Here are the kids and parents!

kislukids7 kislukids6 kislukids5 kislukids4 kislukids3 kislukids2 kislukids1 kislukids



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