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January 14, 2016

Judgey McJudgeypants and Mark Zuckerberg

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So, good evening, #SMYSstrong! Let’s talk about the latest vaccine news!

Vaccines are a hot button issue with a small minority of people, and the entire state of California. <KIDDING!>

So, Mark Zuckerberg (the guy who owns Facebook.  Facebook.) Posted a status update.  It was this…



“Doctor’s visit — time for vaccines!” the caption on the photo reads.

So then, some seriously ridiculous stuff happened.

People came to troll Mark (by-god) Zuckerberg‘s page to tell him how awful he was to give his child vaccinations.  As if he didn’t have the right to vaccinate his own child.  As if he did not have the moral and legal right to make medical decisions for his child.

Mark Z is a smart dude.  He has managed to make a place where 14 zillion people show up to chat, shop, play games, and argue into a ridiculously successful venture.  I am not going to go into his whole list of accomplishments here, except I will say that he managed to take a service completely free to its users, and make himself a billionaire.

I am going to assume that he was smart enough to seek medical advice when it came time to decide whether or not his child should be vaccinated. God knows he could afford for any physician on Earth to help him make a decision about the most important person in his life.  His wife is brilliant as well.  They have the intelligence, the wealth, and the varied experiences to make a good decision for themselves.

And some people with different views decided to take his ‘moment’ away from him by acting like a bunch of trolls.

So, let’s get this straight.  If you make the (questionable) decision to not vaccinate your child, despite the strong medical evidence that it is a good idea to do so, that is your business. I cannot tell you what to do with your child, and I wouldn’t dare.  However, you have absolutely no right to tell parents that they are wrong, irresponsible, ill-advised, or in fact horrible and abusive parents for making a decision they are entitled to make.  The decision you demand to be able to make for your child.

You would lose your entire mind if the rest of the world told you that you were a neglectful, uneducated, Jenny McCarthy disciple  who drank the krazy kool-aid because you failed to vaccinate your kids. You expect the rest of the world to accept your views, even though essentially all scientific evidence says you are wrong.  And you got on Mark Zuckerberg’s page to tell him what he should do with his kid.  What YOU approved of. Because although we are expected to accept your views, you don’t give a damn about anyone else’s.

Shoutout to Mark Z.  Great job vaccinating your child.  Also, I like Facebook.  Come visit Show Me Your Stethoscope sometime.  I would love to chat.

So kids, this is about tolerance.  If we have to tolerate your views, you can stop telling us that we are poisoning our kids with accepted and proven medical treatments.  We are Nurses for pete’s sake.






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