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January 9, 2016

The bad part about making rules in a Worldwide Nursing Group

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Hi Guys! It’s your friendly neighborhood Janie! ūüôā (Think Grover)

Yesterday. when I got home from work I leaned down to pet my 90lb Belgian Shepherd – Akita Mix, whose name is Max. He is always super excited to see me.


Max playing possum with a possum

I have another dog.  He is about 15 lbs.  His name is Rascal.  He is in charge.

He scared Max just as I leaned down to pet him.

Max launched himself upwards and hit me in the face with his skull. I reared back and nearly screamed at the resounding crunch. Rascal was jumping for my face trying to get mama kisses.  My hands were full of blood and I ran over to the sink. I bled into the sink, rinsed my hands off and grabbed a dish towel.  IMG_0807

I bled for awhile, voice texting the admins who were all asking me if it was still bleeding or if it was displaced.  Siri has a hard time understanding you immediately after you break your nose.  For future reference.

I took the dish towel off my nose and gazed at it in all of its gorgeous crookedness. In my former life, an ER Doc once told me that the nose is easiest to straighten out immediately after it was broken, before it swells too much.  I have seen noses being reduced.  How hard could it be?

I self-reduced my nose…..while STANDING and looking in the bathroom mirror.

Needless to say, I almost blacked out. I hit my knees. ¬†I just missed¬†the counter with my face. ¬†I put ice on it. ¬†I went back over to the computer. One of the Admins asked if it was displaced. ¬†I said…….only a little if at all. Can’t tell because of the swelling.


Now, what does this have to do with making rules in a Facebook group full of nurses?







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