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January 6, 2016

The Plot Thickens – Organizing the body of US Nurses.And what we are going to do.

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Show Me Your Stethoscope has grown a lot in the last 24 hours.

We have appointed Regional Directors for four regions, and will appoint two more.

Our Regional Directors are networking with the professionals in their states to appoint State Ambassadors.  Our State Ambassadors will ask you to get involved with this movement.  Each State will have a Ranking LPN member, A Nursing School Liaison, Community Educators, Leaders-in-training, and members of all disciplines doing good work for healthcare.

We are lucky to have many nurses with advanced degrees who know how to communicate effectively with healthcare organizations and legislators.  We have so many wonderful resources in our members!heart

You may have heard of the Washington DC safe staffing rally in May. Our goal is to have rallies at each state capitol on the same day.  We will do our best, but if we have twenty states or 49 states it will be a success.

You will have to recruit every healthcare professional you know.  These will be POSITIVE rallies, not negative, government bashing ones.  We will show our pride in our profession, and hopefully be able to speak with our local legislators.  Also, We are going to design a special shirt for the event so we look like what we are, a fraternity of healthcare professionals. We will network with colleges to get nursing students involved.  They must learn to advocate for themselves right out of the gate, and not make the same errors we did.

Can you share this with everyone? Can you invite people who left the original SMYS group because it was not all serious? If you are in a safe staffing mandated state, will you rally in solidarity at your capitol or join a rally in a neighboring state?

Can you help us make a difference for you?








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