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January 5, 2016

Revolutionary Nurses

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You are a Revolutionary Nurse.  You have made the commitment to change healthcare.  You are devoted to elevating your profession.  You can see past the little things, to the larger, more complicated picture.  You know that the only way to fight is to unite.  revolutionary_nurse_text_graphic

You are absolutely passionate about a high standard of patient care, the physical and emotional safety of healthcare workers and patients, and safe staffing regulation to protect nurses and support staff.

You want APN’s to have autonomy. You are a member of professional organizations.  You lead or participate in committees in your healthcare organization, manage a nursing unit, or take care of one of our veterans in a federal facility. Maybe you are a union member, or a union steward.  You could be a nurse in any one of thousands of nursing roles.

You are Nursing.

You are now a member of another Professional Organization.

Show Me Your Stethoscope.

We now have a board, a purpose, and a plan. And we very much want you to be a part of it. This will not be easy in any way.  You will be called upon to recruit like-minded professionals, to travel to your State Capitol, to educate the public, and to mentor other nurses and students.  This is not impossible, but if it were effortless it would have been done decades ago.

Our first milestone is organization.  We have assembled (most of) our board by appointing Regional Directors responsible for assisting you in your work. Our Regional Directors will choose their teams. Our chain of command works from the Members doing the real work in the trenches down to the Executive Director.  We are here to help you dismantle healthcare norms which are outdated, dangerous, and nonsensical.  We are here to support you.

You have a voice.  Your opinion is valued here.  I am personally grateful to you for your service to nursing.

Our Mission Statement:

Show Me Your Stethoscope is an organization of united Nurses and support staff who believe that Patient Safety is almost always determined by the processes adopted by healthcare organizations. We are committed to changing dangerous healthcare policies, as well as unwritten healthcare norms that impact nurses and support staff everywhere. While Show Me Your Stethoscope is not a political organization, we are committed to becoming a platform from which Nurses can advocate for themselves.
We are committed to educating the public about the educational requirements for nursing at all practice levels, as well as the responsibilities of the profession, and the fact that healthcare policy has historically been made by those who benefit from healthcare dollars. We feel that healthcare policies must be determined by those with a real and recent connection to the bedside.


Now, get out there and fight.


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