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January 2016

Governor Christie – A Veto – and Why you should care about it – Updated

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donald-trump-unloads-on-chris-christie-with-multipronged-attackLet us remember THIS if this gentleman is chosen as a Vice Presidential candidate.  How the heck could a nurse even consider supporting this person on a ballot?

There was some legislation pending in New Jersey last week that would have set ratios for CNA:Patient ratios in long term care facilities.

Vetoed by Governor Chris Christie.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addresses the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland, outside Washington, DC on February 26, 2015. AFP PHOTO/NICHOLAS KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

This guy does not care about caregivers and he does not care about seniors.

Sweet, why should we care about it?

A law mandating staffing levels in NJ is exactly what was needed based on their track record.

Staffing Levels will ultimately be mandated by the states, not the federal government.  But we are going to need to get guys like this away from our staffing legislation.

This is the wording:

  1. a.  Notwithstanding any other staffing requirements as may be established by law, every nursing home as defined in section 2 of P.L.1976, c.120 (C.30:13-2) or licensed pursuant to P.L.1971, c.136 (C.26:2H-1 et seq.) shall maintain the following minimum certified 1[nursing assistant-to-resident] nurse aide-to-resident1 ratios:

(1)  one certified 1[nursing assistant] nurse aide1 to every 1[six] eight1 residents for the day shift;

(2)  one certified 1[nursing assistant] nurse aide1 to every 1[nine] 101 residents for the evening shift; and

(3)  one certified 1[nursing assistant] nurse aide1 to every 1[14] 161 residents for the night shift.

It was a very reasonable amount of staffing for CNA’s.  CNA’s are the backbone of LTC, and overworked, underpaid, and constantly put in situations dangerous to their well-being because of poor staffing ratios.  When you have a CNA taking care of 15 people on days, it is completely impossible to get everyone up, toileted, fed, and cared for.  With these numbers as the minimum staffing, care in New Jersey would improve dramatically.  And it NEEDS to improve because NJ Nursing Homes are ranked 43/50 in the US.

chrisAnd Governor Christie said NO.

You know, Governor…. Seniors VOTE.  Nurses VOTE.  CNA’s VOTE.  These CNA’s are in a union, and while that might not fit with your political views, vetoing that bill was a completely ridiculous thing to do.

You just told NJ Residents that it was OK for their Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, and THEMSELVES to be neglected in understaffed LTC facilities.  

Seriously? And you offered no explanation.  Do you have a conflict of interest we need to know about? It is OK with you that NJ residents are warehoused in understaffed, dangerous facilities during their golden years?dignity

This is outrageous.  It is dangerous.  It will be deadly for some LTC residents in New Jersey.  It will cause debilitating physical injuries in direct caregivers who just tried to take care of their patients.

Absolutely Not. We will not stand for this.



Copy and paste this text into twitter.  Tweet everyone, and keep doing it.  Bring awareness of this problem to your circle.

This is the tweet:

NJ Gov declared that Seniors are not a priority by veto power
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Hi, Judgey McJudgeyPants. Let’s Talk about Second Victim Syndrome

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As a nurse, my largest fear has always been a fatal medication error. Like the nurse in this article who accidently killed a baby.  And then died for it. After she was blackballed and fired.

You too?

I have known nurses who have made a fatal or near fatal medication error.  Have you? What did you do? Did you ostracize that nurse and tell them how wrong they were? Did you think that saying that would make them feel worse, as you deemed was appropriate?distraught-nurse-5361035

Of course you didn’t.  For God’s sake you comforted them, and hugged them.  You may have participated in the Root Cause Analysis.  You told them we would figure out what we could have done differently.

You did not call them names.  

So why, dear reader do you think it is ok to abuse a fellow nurse on social media who made an honest, albeit tragic mistake? A mistake they will never, ever get over.  

A mistake that has transformed the vibrant, caring, competent nurse they were into a shriveled up ball of self-doubt, grief, and humiliation.  A nurse who killed a human.  BY ACCIDENT.  

Now, there are some really awful nurses who have killed patients on purpose, like this real gem of a nurse from Italy.

However, a fatal medication error is something that requires a policy change, almost always. In this case, the hospital is changing their policy about color coding on dangerous medications.

And some nurses have decided to put on their Judgey McJudgeypants. Do you not even realize that your opinion on this subject was drilled into you in nursing school? You were instructed to blame your coworkers for mistakes. Because you were instructed to blame yourself for your mistakes. 


I have news for you, pal.  That could be you.  By this time tomorrow.

Of course we must be extremely careful and follow all policies when giving medications.  That is a given.  And then things happen.  Someone interrupts you, an emergency happens, you have to go to the bathroom.  Something.  And you take your eye off the ball for one second and it happens. And maybe you live through it, and maybe you don’t.  It will most likely depend on how the powers-that-be treat you after you kill someone’s grandmother.

How does blaming other nurses and talking about them as if they were baby-killers promote unity among healthcare professionals? Do you think you are immune? 

Think again, Nurse.

Think again.  






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Update on Flint Baby Formula.

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We have 315.00 toward our goal of 740.00 of 100 quarts of Enfamil.

Almost Halfway! This would be Great!


Or toward our Bonus goal of 1299.76 of 100 Quarts of Enfamil and 72 Quarts of Isomil

This would be AMAZING! 

Show Me Your Stethoscope

Paypal to to donate






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Flint Michigan – Babies- Lead in the water- What can we do about it?

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Ok SMYS, There is a crisis in Flint, Michigan that I am sure you are aware of.   But if not, click the link to my blog about it.

WIC gives out powdered formula.

Which means the formula has to be mixed with……water. people-in-lead-poisoned-flint-st-750x422

Oh, no.  Not those babies.  Not anymore. They have freaking lead poisoning.  The newborns are now going to, what? Be fed formula full of lead?

Not if we can do anything about it.

Nurses do not let babies drink poison.  All of the families are getting a water allowance, and the nurses at Hurley Children’s Hospital are concerned that it will not be enough.

I found a deal at Walmart.  We can get 100 quarts of ready to feed Enfamil for $742.32 with free shipping.  Orders have to be over fifty bucks to qualify for free shipping.I figured if we all Paypal SOMETHING to If 750 people paypal a dollar as a friend, not a business – We are selling nothing so no fees, We can have it delivered directly to the food pantry ASAP so the poor residents of Flint will not be forced to poison their children.

If we get extra money, we can buy Isomil too

And babies do not go hungry, we get good feels, and I can sleep at night. YAY.

Lead makes you stupid. Flint has enough problems. They are poor, they are trapped, and they are completely dependent on the government that has knowingly poisoned them.

Are you in?







PS: Share this with EVERYONE.  Anybody can get behind not poisoning babies, right?




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