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December 22, 2015

Waste of a nursing education. 

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Medical-SymbolHow long were you on the nursing school waiting list? For me it was almost two years. I went to a community college and their charter did not allow them to take students in order of GPA, or anything else. It was straight numbers on the waiting list. I was actually an alternate for the semester I started. I had 6 days to prepare my entire life for nursing school. This included daycare for my infant, the caring and feeding of my 10 year old, and continuing my full-time night job. And we still almost lost our house.

A lot of us have a similar story.

So what would you say if you heard of a mom with four children who was going to have to QUIT NURSING SCHOOL IN HER FINAL SEMESTER over money?

Well, in my case I said that I would send about 300 tweets in 4 days about it. I begged and pleaded and found celebrities from her hometown. I thought up new slogans like an ad executive.

And we are still short $635.00. This is the amount that will cause us to have one less nurse in May. This is the amount of money that will make four children homeless.

What I didn’t do was post it on Show Me Your Stethoscope. Why? Because I won’t let YOU post every poor dead nurse, every dying child, every abused animal, and every house fire. Because the board will not sustain it. We get 30-60 requests a day. If I let it happen, we would be nothing but a fund raising page. And it wouldn’t be fun. And you would leave.

I had a member ask if you guys were allowed to post your personal Amazon Associates links to generate revenue for yourselves since I was doing it yesterday in the group. And if there would be group discussion about how the money was spent. Money that cost the members exactly ZERO dollars and only required that a certain link was used to go to the site you were shopping on anyway.

Newsflash, we made about ten bucks yesterday on Amazon. We will be paid in 2-3 months if nobody returns anything.

So, I didn’t post it and I am asking myself WHY?

Because I follow the rules.

I don’t like this rule today.

I felt that adopting 30 healthcare families was important, even though we really don’t allow any fund raising.

And I feel like wasting tens of thousands of dollars in nursing education over $635.00 is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

That doesn’t mean that I am allowing random fund raising posts.

It means that I spend 60+ hours a week here, and every now and then I get to right a wrong. I get to fix an injustice. Because this is what keeps me alive.
******Link Removed.  Goal Reached.  Merry, Christmas, Mama.  Take care of those babies.  Take Care of yourself.  Be the nurse you were meant to be



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