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December 10, 2015

Nurses: When one of us is Killed

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53f75b0cfa343b8ef0b656ee91ba4badI know that you feel the same horror I feel after reading This tragic story about a nurse and a domestic abuse survivor…..now a domestic abuse fatality.

She was leaving work, and was shot and killed by her estranged husband. He was out on bond for the last time he beat her up.  She leaves behind two daughters.

Nurses tend to stick around for domestic abuse.  We are caring people who ‘fix’ others.  How many Nurses have you known who are domestic abuse survivors?

The real question is…..how many have you NOT known about?

We are tasked with screening patients to determine if they are at risk for domestic violence. We must determine if a child is being abused from the ER and School environments.

Maybe someone should screen US.

When you search the internet for statistics about nurses as victims, you really have to dig.  Most articles are about us properly screening potential victims. The UK NHS did a study on domestic violence within the profession, and the numbers are startling.  65% reported instances of emotional violence, and 31% reported acts of physical violence.

If you know of a healthcare provider who is currently experiencing intimate partner violence, do what you can to help. Offer support, research support in your area, and help her take extra precautions, maybe by offering to call security or the police to see her safely to her car.  Yes, I said ‘her’.  MOST fatal domestic violence is perpetrated by men against women.  I know there is violence against men as well, but we are talking about the big picture here.

National Domestic Violence Hotline for US

And for Zeljka Sekulic, it is too late.  For her daughters it is too late. For her Mother, her Sister, her friends and coworkers, it is TOO DAMN LATE.  All I can do for her today is share her fund raising website so she can be decently buried.

Raise your sons to respect women.  Raise your daughters to respect themselves. Please.











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