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December 6, 2015

The SMYS Elves have visited.

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adoptWe have changed the lives of ten families this holiday season. Ten families full of parents who don’t have to try to sleep on Christmas eve, dreading the Christmas that never came.  Ten families full of children who will feel the magic and the love.  These parents may be able to pay their mortgage instead trying to cobble together gifts for their children, making a poor financial decision <though a well-meaning one> that would impact them well into next year.

We did this.

We did it while having a great time, laughing, picking out new presents and inquiring about who the beneficiaries were.  You suggested MORE gifts.  You never said a single thing about the reasons the families were in trouble, unless it was in a positive way.  You are caring, compassionate, and generous individuals.  And you are even more so as a group.

As this group.

I feel like Santa directing the assembly line of Elves.  🙂 I didn’t do any work, but I got to facilitate the wonderful gift you have given children all over the country.  This is a labor of love.

This whole group is a labor of love.  Our twenty-plus strong admin team is floored by you every day.  Usually in a good way.  🙂 We continue to do what we do so you can continue to share your lives with each other and promote unity among healthcare professionals.  We are so different, and excellence and compassion are our unifying factors.

We are #nursesUnite .

I am so grateful every single day that I asked you to #showmeyourstethoscope



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