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December 1, 2015

When EP Cases go horribly wrong…..

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Today started out as a normal day.  We had a pacer case to replace a generator and a recalled Fidelis lead.  I was scrubbing this one.  My favorite doctor, a great patient, and a terrific team in the lab. YAY!

And then…..

The leads were buried in scar tissue.  It took FOREVER to get them freed up.  We passed a new lead, and just as I turned to the back table to grab the 0 ethibond…..

My pants fell down.

Now, I was wearing lead and a sterile gown, but I felt the waist of the scrubs hit my knees and reflexively planted my feet far apart to make sure the pants didn’t hit the floor. It was breezy. I looked down and I had six inches of pants hanging over the ends of my shoes, so this situation had apparently been brewing for a while.  I spent the rest of the case in a half-split, attempting to keep my dignity,and sweating.


The Doc never figured it out.

After Doc scrubbed out, I stood there for a moment trying to figure out what the hell to do.  My pants were OFF and my BUTT was hanging out.  The only thing between the world and my dignity was a sterile gown and a lead kilt.  <and underpants, obviously!>

So i sidled behind the hazardous trash can, and did what any all-american girl would do.  I yanked my sterile gown up to my waist and stuffed two bloody gloves under the kilt to pull the pants up.  Because I would rather be infected than naked in front of my coworkers, a doc, and a medtronic rep.


Just another EP day. Blood washes off pretty easily.






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