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October 28, 2015

I’m just here for the cat memes

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When SMYS happened, I was pretty shocked.  I was so excited to unite so many healthcare providers in one virtual place! I assembled an engaged, intelligent admin team.  I started thinking about our options for advocacy, because I knew that this huge group of healthcare providers would want to do things to advance healthcare.  Most importantly, the ability to care for our patients safely, in a well-compensated position, and given the respect we deserve.

I fear that I may have been wrong.

Why do they give me so many patients and pay me nothing? Because I let them....oh.

Why do they give me so many patients and pay me nothing? Because I let them….oh.

We asked eight hundred thousand professionals to share a safe staffing petition and sign it……for their own good.  Because ANY safe staffing guidelines are way better than none.  And make no mistake, the non-union healthcare providers in this country are abused constantly in this way. We asked you to protect YOUR PATIENTS, AND YOUR LICENSE.  We couldn’t get even half of the one hundred thousand signatures required.

Because apparently, most of our audience didn’t care. We blamed the format of the Facebook page, and moved on to increased inpatient beds for psychiatric patients. We knew that the healthcare community would rise to the occasion.  Every healthcare provider knows that the homeless and mentally ill population increases daily.  They have no support system, and no resources.  They need inpatient care, so they can live in a decent way.  All people deserve their dignity.

Couldn’t get one thousand signatures.

So we decided that we would do something that everyone agrees with.  Patient Satisfaction scores are the bane of the hospital.  Everyone complains about meeting these impossible standards.  We lose money every day because mostly angry people return surveys. We cannot function as both a hospital and a 5 star hotel.  We have to concentrate on the physical and emotional well-being of our patients.  

A week, and only five thousand signatures.

So, you need to ask yourself what you would change about your job.  Then you need to consider what you are actually willing to do to change it.  At this point, I see over half a million people who are unwilling to sign a petition.  Are you willing to lobby? Are you willing to write letters? Are you willing to unite and become a strong entity that can make a difference? Are you willing to support your fellow healthcare professionals instead of picking them apart? Are you willing to stay out of discussions that upset you, and contribute your knowledge to the ones that interest you?

Or are you just here for the cat memes?

I want to show the world our stethoscopes.

Love, Janie

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