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October 24, 2015

The Healthcare Team, and why it ISN’T

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Oh, are you scratching my kneecap with the cap? Thank you, it itched.

Oh, are you scratching my kneecap with the cap? Thank you, it itched.

Today, a member of #showmeyourstethoscope posted a picture that made me go…HUH?

Nancy Compton posted this with a ‘What is wrong with this picture?’ sort of quote. The members naturally chimed in and we all laughed….and it struck me that WAY more was wrong with this picture than the obviously fake medical procedure going on here.

Why didn’t anyone ask a single member of the Healthcare Team to look at this picture before it went to print in a magazine? Why do non-medical people think that they are better qualified to judge medical care than the professionals? If you had thrown one CNA, Doctor, Nurse, or hospital housekeeper into this scene and asked for their opinion, they could have told you that it looked ridiculous.  Also, the photoshopped body parts are pretty bad.  ‘Graphic Admin’ agrees. This is obviously a hospital system’s magazine. They probably had a plethora of real healthcare people to ask, and they chose not to.  Why?

Because they know better.

There was a hospital built in the last decade completely based on a book that I will not mention here.   The doors on the ICU were basically soundproof, and there was no central monitoring station.  It was nice and quiet in the rooms, which is lovely for patient satisfaction……….. Do I even have to tell you what happened? Of course not.

So naturally, I have to tie this into other healthcare woes. Guess who built the EP lab I work in? Someone who didn’t do EP, and in fact only stood at procedure tables…..doing procedures.  The lab is gorgeous but set up ALL WRONG.  The space was wasted because NOBODY asked an EP Professional for their opinion. LIKE AN EP TECH. The room is a patient transport nightmare because nobody ASKED A NURSE.  The monitors in the prep room are not compatible with the monitors in the procedure room.  There are a ton of other problems, but you get my meaning.

At what point will healthcare organizations decide to LISTEN to their staff? I have been asked my opinion a few times when an area was renovated, but my suggestions were never implemented. I assume now that they made too much sense. Because I am cynical like that.

Medicare also ‘knows better’.  They decided to reimburse healthcare organizations for patient care based on questions that are completely subjective. The data shows that patient satisfaction does not translate to favorable patient outcomes, and in fact may be an indicator for negative outcomes.  However, they know the truth.  They just don’t want to pay, and this is a way to do it legally.    So, obligatory link to petition here.

The kid would be adorable if it didn’t look like he was peering down at a pair of disembodied adult legs.

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