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October 13, 2015

We have a future. I cannot wait to see it.

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You know, I have been a little down lately.  My ‘brilliant’ idea seemed to be degenerating into a bunch of arguments about religion, vaccinations, and ‘howCanIpossiblyMakethisSomethingThatWillOffendMe?’ I know that all popular online communities go through the initial surge of memberships, the camaraderie and honeymoon phase, the marriage counseling phase, the drunken, vicious fight phase……..well, you see where this is going.

And then this post appeared:

The pic on the left was me exactly two weeks before graduating from nursing school July 2009. Dr’s told my family I would die. The pic on the right is me present day; A RN. Received my degree exactly one year after being taken off life support. Multiple organ failure, sepsis, DIC. #survivor#miraclesDOhappen.

Oh my goodness!

Oh my goodness!

So, naturally I was stunned.  The thread went on, all positive posts and talk of miracles……then this happened:

The Reveal

Click image so you can see this

So, no matter what happens from this moment forward, creating and moderating the FB group was worth it.  18/18 Admins approve.  I adore this place.  I am not sure how, but we will make a difference.  It is starting with an only moderately successful T-shirt sale to raise money for scholarships, but it can go anywhere from here.  Where would you like it to go?

We will still Show the World our Stethoscopes, battered as they may be.  The stories they have witnessed are priceless.



Ps: I may have a further post on this subject, depending on what those involved would like me to do.

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